Automatic text anonymisation and information extraction


Automatic anonymisation of sensitive data in text.


Extraction of personal names, companies, addresses and more from texts.


Powerful editor to tailor the automatically anonymised documents to personal preferences.


Tailor-made solutions for research institutions and companies, based on the Incognitex technology.



Anonymise documents quickly and accurately with Incognitex

The incognitex software uses the latests developments in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to remove personal data from texts with a very high accuracy.

Information Extraction

Get more out of your existing text data with Incognitex

The Incognitex software can extract information from texts in a fully automated manner. Currently the following information can be detected:

  • phone numbers
  • dates of birth
  • national register numbers
  • email addresses
  • personal names
  • company names
  • countries
  • cities
  • postal codes
  • streets
  • house numbers
For legal documents, the software can also extract the following entities:
  • docket number
  • date of judgement
  • court of judgement
  • judges
  • lawyers
  • clerks

Consultancy & Research

Tailor-made solutions based on Incognitex technology

Incognitex can automate custom analyses of large amounts of text data. This can be done in the context of academic research, but also at the request of legal professionals. Our consultants combine our Incognitex technology with tailor-made software to perform in-depth analyses, leveraging state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques.

Our Values

VISION: Modern business processes produce vast amounts of documents. Unfortunately, the data embedded within them is often left under-used, since the meaning of unstructured and human-generated text is not easily understood by computers, especially not when the information only exists on paper. Moreover, legal and regulatory requirements such as the European Union’s GDPR make it impossible for many companies to process or store certain data sets without first anonymising them. Unlocking the vast potential of textual data will therefore require a wide range of (semi-)automated systems that quickly process large numbers of documents while extracting meaningful insights.

MISSION: Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, we aim to facilitate text processing by automating the repetitive and monotonous tasks that currently render these tasks expensive and time-consuming. Incognitex, the technology we developed for this purpose, rapidly and autonomously processes thousands of your organisation’s documents to extract meaningful information. By doing so, Incognitex not only empowers individual employees, but also allows entire organisations to do more with existing texts.


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